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  1. Toronto Chinese volleyball @ Scarborough
  2. Drop In VBall
  3. an Indoor Volleyball Gathering Serial Jan 21st, 2006
  4. Free Competitive Drop in - Oriole Community Centre
  5. West end Drop in Volleyball
  6. Competitive drop-in in downtown GTA
  7. Intermediate/Competitive players: Interested in forming a team?
  8. Toronto Rec centres volleyball has started!
  9. P.W.P volleyball in Brampton - Monday nights
  10. Thursday nights volleyball in Scarborough
  11. Scarborough Volleyball League - Tuesdays & Saturdays Drop-in/pickup game
  12. Pickup vball: Tuesdays and Sundays
  13. Dufferin & Steeles - Intermediate vball
  14. Coed Volleyball in Pickering
  15. Mississauga Pickup Volleyball
  16. KSmack Coed Volleyball Practices
  17. Pick-up players??
  18. Pickup vball - Maple - Vaughan
  19. Pickup vball during the holidays! - Scarborough Volleyball
  20. Looking for Some Pick-up This week west of TO
  21. Adult indoor competitive pick up
  22. Women's Intermediate/Competitive Volleyball
  23. Drop-in volleyball, North york / Thornhill
  24. Late Night Gym Locations
  25. Indoor for the Summer
  26. Friday Night Volleyball In Scarborough
  27. Looking for a clinic in Scarborough...
  28. indoor COURT for summer?
  29. Scarborough Beach Volleyball
  30. Scarborough Beach volleyball
  31. Indoor Beach Clinic w/ Jody Holden!
  32. intermediate+ free beach p/up
  33. Scarborough Volleyball
  34. Tues Night Men's Volleyball League in Scarborough
  35. gta pick up
  36. north mississauga location?
  37. pick-up VB in Scarborough
  38. Scarborough Volleyball 2008 season
  39. Looking for a game...Male, 21, Scarborough, Intermediate, and loves to play Middle...
  40. Pick Up beach volleyball in oakville at Arnolds Sportsbar
  41. New To Toronto
  42. St. Lawrence CRC (Drop-in) still available?
  43. Monday Night - Indoor Court Volleyball - Co-ed
  44. Milner VB LEAGUE
  45. Looking for players to join our team practice (beach volleyball)
  46. Mixed sets at Ashbridges Beach Toronto Tue. & Sat.
  47. Newmarket Co-ed Competitive Pickup Indoor Volleyball
  48. Tues Night Indoor Volleyball Men's League Scarborough !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  49. Scarborough Volleyball Court Volleyball Season 2008
  50. Scarborough Volleyball Court Volleyball Season 2008
  51. any pick up on monday nights?
  52. Recreational Pick-Up MONDAYS!!!
  53. pick up beach ball?
  54. MON, Dec.22th only $5!!!
  55. Dec. 22/08 One time only! $5
  56. Drop In Indoor Volleyball
  57. Scarborough Volleyball 2009
  58. Mondays Volleyball Players Wanted! Do YOU want to play volleyball?
  59. Co-ed Pickup Volleyball in Richmond Hill - Experienced Players Wanted
  60. Friday Night Volleyball
  61. Indoor Pick up 6 days a week!
  62. Looking for Downtown Advanced/Competitive Drop-In
  63. Searching for Monday Night Pick-Up
  64. Keele CC
  65. Tuesday night Co-ed Volleyball
  66. Drop In Volleyball July 19th
  67. Friday Night Drop In from 945-2am
  68. Newmarket Co-ed Pickup Volleyball
  69. Scarborough Volleyball
  70. Friday Night Co-ed Pick Up Volleyball
  71. Tuesday night co-ed pick up volleyball
  72. East GTA Competitive level pick-up
  73. Scarborough Volleyball
  74. Co-ed Pickup Volleyball in Richmond Hill - Experienced Players Wanted
  75. We have spots open to play Volleyball Saturday's at Heron Park C.C. 1:15 PM TO 3:30
  76. Yonge / Eglinton Co-ed Pick-up League
  77. Co-ed Volleyball Tuesday
  78. Holiday Drop in Hours and Membership Special
  79. Do want to play volleyball during the holiday's?
  80. Registration for Winter season now open - Yonge/Eglinton
  81. Late Night Volleyball on Boxing Day!
  82. Late Night Volleyball this FRIDAY and SATURDAY
  83. Friday night co-ed pick up volleyball
  84. Scarborough Volleyball (CO-ED)
  85. Friday Night Ball
  86. Co-ed Pickup Volleyball in Richmond Hill - Experienced Players Wanted
  87. We have openings for The Tuesday Night Volleyball "PAY AS YOU GO" CO-ED Volleyball
  88. Intermediate Pickup Volleyball in Newmarket
  89. Competitive Co-ed Pickup Volleyball North of Toronto - Experienced Players Wanted
  90. We have spots open to play Volleyball Tuesday's & Sat's at Sir Wilfrid Laurier C.I
  91. We have spots open this Saturday June 5,10 to play volleyball at Sir Wilfrid Laurier
  92. Competitive Co-ed Pickup Volleyball in Aurora & Newmarket
  93. Competitive Mens Pickup Volleyball in Aurora
  94. Female 6's
  95. Competitive 4's or 6's. Male or Co-ed
  96. Pick up Beach Volleyball this Sunday
  97. Scarborough Volleyball Co-Ed Indoor court season Starts Sat Sept 11,10 & Sept 14,10
  98. Looking for drop-in close to fairveiw mall
  99. Saturdays "PAY AS YOU GO " Volleyball" At Heron Park C.C. 1:15 PM TO 3:30 pm
  100. Yonge / Eglinton Co-ed Volleyball starting next week
  101. We have spots open to play Saturday's PAY AS YOU GO at Heron Park 1:15 pm to 3:30 pm
  102. Yonge / Eglinton Volleyball - Spots Available
  103. Pickup Volleyball @ Warden and St. Clair Tuesday 7pm-10pm
  104. Volleyball in mississauga
  105. Volleyball Players Wanted!
  106. Winter Season starting in Jan - Tues or Thurs Nights
  107. C0-ED Christmas Holiday volleyball
  108. Competitive Women's Pickup Volleyball in Aurora
  109. Sunday Adv Pickup in downtown Toronto
  110. Saturdays Drop-In Volleyball in Scarborough- Stephen Leacock
  111. Wednesday Drop-In volleyball - Durham/Scarborough boarder
  112. We have spots open to play volleyball Saturday's CO-ED PAY AS YOU GO
  113. Drop in Volleyball EVERYDAY!
  114. Drop-In Last Tuesday of Every Month
  115. Mini- Tournament/ Drop-In Every SATURDAY!
  116. We have spots open to play volleyball Saturdays ,PAY AS YOU GO 1:15 pm to 3;30 pm
  117. Drop-in Indoor Vball - Markham
  118. $8 Drop-in at Victory Volleyball!
  119. Do you want to play PAY AS YOU GO volleyball during the March Break
  120. Competitive Pickup Volleyball in Aurora
  121. Free Open House Tues Mar 29/11
  122. We have spots open to play "PAY AS YOU GO" CO-ED Volleyball
  123. FREE Volleyball
  124. Pay As You Go > CO-ED Volleyball
  125. Free Volleyball Open House!
  126. Indoor Beach Volleyball Anyone ?
  127. Midtown Volleyball Spring Season Registration
  128. Co-ed Volleyball at Yonge-Eglinton
  129. Looking to play volleyball The Easter weekend We have CO-ED VOLLEYBALL THIS Saturday
  130. Easter weekend volleyball We have CO-ED PAY AS YOU GO THIS SATURDAY April 23,11
  131. Special Volleyball Theme Nights
  132. Ladies Night!!
  133. looking to play indoor court volleyball? We are still playing court volleyball
  134. Just for fun on Thursday nights
  135. Indoor volleyball on turf field
  136. New Community Centre!! Drop-in
  137. New Indoor crtz on Bloor. League ball.
  138. Competitive & Intermediate Pickup Volleyball in Aurora
  139. Advanced/Competitive Beach 2s Pick-up
  140. Thursday PM and Sunday AM pickup vball in Toronto
  141. Come and join the fun CO-ED Adult Indoor court volleyball This Sat Sept 10,11
  142. Yonge/Eglinton Volleyball Starting this week!
  143. Demyfree Teen Drop-in
  144. Competitive Co-ed Pickup Volleyball North of Toronto - Experienced Players Wanted
  145. Milner Indoor Volleyball
  146. FREE TEEN drop in
  147. Adult Downtown league / pickup
  148. Co-ed Competitve Drop in over the Holidays in Richmond Hill
  149. Co-ed volleyball yes we are playing through the holidays.The Holiday schedule
  150. MONDAY NIGHTS Drop Ins @ Cedarbrae C.I. (Scarb) 6:30-10pm
  151. Organized Pick -up ,CO-ED Volleyball , season starts Jan 7,12 & Jan 10,12
  152. Tuesday Drop-In volleyball - Durham/Scarborough boarder
  153. looking to play co-ed volleyball during Easter weekend
  154. We have spots open to play CO-ED Volleyball Sponsored by Under Armour
  155. looking to play court volleyball this holiday weekend?
  156. Still looking to play indoor court volleyball?
  158. Late night indoor pickup / drop-in court volleyball
  159. Competitive & Intermediate Pickup Volleyball in Aurora
  160. CO-ED court volleyball This Sat Sept 8,12 at Sir Wilfrid Laurier C.I. 1pm to 4PM
  161. Toronto District Volleyball Club
  162. Indoor Court Volleyball in Downtown Toronto
  163. CO-ED VOLLEYBALL This Sat Thanksgiving at Heron Park 1:30 pm to 3:45 pm
  164. Nothing Drops Pick-up Volleyball Every Tuesday - Competitive (Bayview SS)
  165. Any drop in Volleyball in / close to Markham area?
  167. Yonge/Eglinton Thursday Pick-Up
  168. Pick up in Mississauga
  169. Free Drop in Volleyball this Weekend!
  170. Free 1 Hour rental Beach Volleyball
  171. do you want to play volleyball during Christmas holidays ?
  172. Holiday Competitive Volleyball Drop-in!
  173. Holiday Competitive Volleyball Drop-in!
  174. Competitive Drop-in Volleyball in Richmond Hill - 2013!!!
  175. City of Toronto rec centres - Drop in volleyball
  176. PICK UP VBALL - Intermediate+
  177. Pick Up Volleyball Dufferin & College (Inter/Adv)
  178. Women's Indoor Pick Up Dufferin & College (Int/Adv/Comp))
  179. Thursday Night Pick Up - Yonge & Eglinton
  180. Looking to play CO--ED Indoor volleyball in the spring? currently running weekly
  181. Drop-in every Thursday night
  182. Thursdays @7-10pm Warden and St. Clair
  183. CO-ED Indoor court volleyball Sat & Tues
  184. Men's Pick Up Volleyball near Danforth and Broadview
  185. sunday co-ed drop in 12-2pm - just 4 fun sporting club
  186. PCVC Wed 8PM-10PM Pick-Up Volleyball in South Mississauga - Open Invitation
  187. sunday co-ed drop in @ just 4 fun sporting club
  188. Co-ed Competitive Team- Tue Nights
  189. CO-ED vOLLEYBALL during the holidays
  190. We have spots open to play volleyball Sat & Tuesdays
  191. Friday Night Drop-In
  192. Coed Pick Up Court Volleyball near Dufferin & St Clair
  193. Co-ed Recreational Volleyball - Markham
  194. Drop-In Co-ed Intermediate/Advance Volleyball in Richmond Hill
  195. Do you want play volleyball Easter weekend Sat April19,14
  196. do you want to play indoor court this Sat ,on the long weeknd
  197. Competitive Pick-up Ball in York Region in the summer
  198. TSSC Pickup Beach Volleyball! Sunday Aug 10 4-6pm. Only $5 for 2 hours.
  199. Beach Party August 29 and 30th
  200. Thursday Night Pick Up - Yonge & Eglinton
  201. Competitive Pickup Volleyball in Aurora
  202. Competitive Pick-up Ball in York Region Fall 2014
  203. CO-ED Volleyball >We have spots open to play Tues & Saturdays
  204. Mini-tournament - Thurs Dec 18th
  205. We have spots open to play volleyball Tues & Saturdays
  206. Drop-In Volleyball @ Malton CC ($5 for 2 hours!!!)
  207. want to play volleyball Easter Sat April 4,15 at Heron Park C.C.
  208. NEW Adult Drop-in at Oak Ridges Community Centre on Sunday Nights
  210. Looking for players for Saturdays volleyball
  211. Looking to play DROP-IN volleyball Thanksgiving weekend? Sat Oct 10,15
  212. New sportcourt 5 court facility!
  213. Yonge & Eglinton Pick-up Volleyball - Advanced level
  214. We have spots open for Sat CO-ED Volleyball, you can pre-book a spot
  215. York Region Aurora-Newmarket Area Drop In League (Co-ed Intermediate / Competitive)
  216. Competitive Rec Volleyball in Richmond Hill
  217. Spots open for Saturdays CO-ED volleyball, Book a spot with Mike by Text or email
  218. Spots open Saturdays Come and join an awesome group of volleyball players
  219. Int/Adv Co-Ed Volleyball Drop-in
  220. Fridays drop-in west end - Mississauga @ Father Michael Goetz Secondary School
  221. We have few spots open for the Tuesday night volleyball at Lauirer C.I. 7 PM TO 945