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  1. Woman player looking for team around woodbridge area
  2. Female Players Wanted
  3. Female player needed
  4. Male Player looking for a team to play on
  5. Need A Volleyball Referee!!
  6. Looking To Coach Women's Volleyball?
  7. Looking for a competitive league to play in GTA and surrounding area.
  8. Female player wanted for North Beach
  9. Good League
  10. Male VB , looking to fill or play (Rec, Fun)
  11. 2 Men Needed-Mississauga League
  12. Male player looking for team to play on
  13. Looking for Female Intermediate/Competitive Players for Fall Indoor Court Volleyball
  14. Looking for a good league
  15. Looking for Female Intermediate/Competitive Players for Fall Indoor Court Volleyball
  16. Female player looking for team in Miss/Oakville/Brampton area
  17. Male setter looking to play!!!
  18. Looking for Female Intermediate/Competitive Players for Fall Indoor Court Volleyball
  19. Looking for a beginner's league
  20. Looking for someone with full beach volleyball equipment
  21. Ganraska Wolves - Level 1 coaches needed !
  22. Tryouts Next Week!
  23. Important Try Out Information
  24. Tryouts Are Here!
  25. Looking for Players to have some fun!
  26. Looking for a female middle hitter!
  27. Great Turnout! Awesome Ladies! TRYOUTS CONTINUE NEXT WEEK!!
  28. looking to join or form a team...
  29. Looking for a female Int/competitive player for GSU Volleyball!
  30. Looking for YOUTH players for OVA
  31. Female setter needed
  32. Intermediate-competitive player needed for Toronto Volleyball League
  33. I'm looking for a team
  34. Karen Shank Foundation event - Nov 4
  35. Free competitive volleyball thur. nights - Need a girl
  36. *Looking For Team/League* for Jan-April
  37. Looking for a Team
  38. Looking for a team
  39. I need some help!
  40. Looking for a setter!!!
  41. Anyone needing an extra player?
  42. Looking to play volley ball in league for jan 2007
  43. Looking for male player for tourney tomorrow (Jan 6th 2007)
  44. Looking for a player - tonight only Jan 16th
  45. Looking for players for 1-day tournaments
  46. Need player/s - Tournament Feb. 17, Sat. - Durham area
  47. I d like to play volleyball
  48. Players in Scarborough - Thursday nights
  49. Need Players Mon/Tue @ 7.00 PM in MILTON
  50. Want to Play in Etobicoke - Beginner
  51. Looking to Play Volleyball in Etobicoke - Beginner very willing to learn!
  52. Looking for 2 male players reverse 6s league
  53. Female player needed URGENT!!
  54. Female player needed urgently!
  55. Looking for a weekly place to play for fun...intermediate level...
  56. 14U Male Player needed - this weekend URGENT
  58. Looking for a place to play or a team to play with from summerish on
  59. Do you love to play volleyball? FREE ! FREE ! Volleyball Outdoor in Scarborough
  60. Do you love to play volleyball? FREE ! FREE ! Volleyball Outdoor in Scarborough
  61. Looking for Competitive League
  62. Looking for a team (intermediate level) to join
  63. SMVA team looking for Players.
  64. Scarborough Titans Volleyball Club Tryouts!!!
  65. Ganaraska Wolves Tryouts - Boys and Girls
  66. Searching for a Team!!! I'm a girl!
  67. You want fun and competitive volleyball league?
  68. Searching for a team
  69. Girl Needed for December League
  70. Looking for Coach
  71. Interested in pick up V-ball Every Fri PM?
  72. Looking for a setter
  73. LF: Female sub for Dec 18th
  74. Searching for a League or Drop-In
  75. In Search of Girl's competitive 13U team!!!
  76. Looking for competitive league/club (Male, U21)
  77. Indoor volleyball - Milton
  78. Seeking Beach 2's partner, and players for practice/pickup games
  79. Female beach vball players for TV Commercial
  80. Oakville Over 30 Rec (coed) Pickup
  81. Looking for a team...Male, 21, Scarborough, Intermediate, and loves to play Middle...
  82. Looking for a league...Male, 21, Intermediate!
  83. Spring-summer Volleyball - Drop In, Teams?
  84. Need FEMALE SETTER for Kitchener Tournament April 12-13th 2008
  85. yvana
  86. Milton Intermediate Beach Volleyball
  87. Looking to play indoor/beach volleyball from June - August
  88. Looking for a female partner for Co-ed 2's Beach
  89. LF: Female for Beach Volleyball 6's Rec
  90. Looking to play Volleyball
  91. Rec player available for NSP - Wasaga Beach
  92. I'm looking for people & places for playing vb
  93. competitive female looking for 6's and co-ed for fall/winter '08
  94. Competitive 22 yr old male looking for league/pick up! indoor or out
  95. 22 yr old male from Vancouver looking for a team!
  96. Scarborough Titans Volleyball Club - team Tryouts and coaches wanted!!
  97. looking for team!
  98. New in town, competitive 22yo male North York
  99. Coaches wanted
  100. beginner player would like to play for fun
  101. Looking for a Coach - Wolves
  102. Female player needed - Brampton
  103. vball team needs 2 players
  104. Intermediate 6'5" male looking for a team.
  105. Looking for pick up or league
  106. Intermediate/Competitive male player looking for team
  107. Intermediate Level Team Looking for Female Player - Toronto Central
  108. looking 4 team
  109. looking for team
  110. LF: 1 Adult, Female, Competitive player for FREE CO-ED 6es tournament!!!
  111. 1 advanced player needed for Feb 15
  112. Male Middle hitter needed this saturday, Feb 21st, 2009
  113. Beach Pick-Up Vball
  114. Pick-up VB
  115. Looking for Players for Tuesday Beach Volleyball League
  116. Looking for a co-ed team to play against
  117. April 5th 2009 - Not So Pro League
  118. Are you still looking?
  119. Looking to build or join co-ed 4's a team to play at Ashbridges Bay
  120. Pick-up locations in North York
  121. Looking for a SETTER April 25
  122. Two Guys looking for a beach team.
  123. 17U Female looking for a beach partner
  124. Competitive Player looking for League/Team
  125. Single player looking for competitive men's league
  126. Mississauga Volleyball Coaches Needed
  127. looking for other beach vball players
  128. Need players
  129. Need to form a Volleyball Team in Scarborough (No Fees)
  130. Female Partner for 2s Tournament
  131. looking for somewhere new to play volleyball.
  132. Female V-ball players for athletic model events
  133. Intermediate 19 year old female wants to join a club
  134. Need 1 femal for Monday Beach 4s Ashbridges bay
  135. beginner seeking to play...
  136. Seeking any players in Miss/Etobicoke Area- Thurs,Int 4's, Coed..
  137. Fall Beach Volleyball League - Player Needed
  138. Children's Dovolleyball
  139. Water Park Classic Aug 8th need 2-3 players!
  140. 2 girls needed for NSP beach Aug15/16
  141. I'm looking for a coaching/asst coaching spot
  142. Get Paid to Play - Milton Conveners Wanted
  143. player needed
  144. Looking for competitive female players
  145. Markham teams need setter
  146. Setter looking for Competitive Men's team
  147. looking for middle player and a power OUTTAHAND league women's 6
  148. Female Intermediate Player Wanted Milton
  149. Any leagues in downtown Toronto?
  150. 20 Year Old Female Looking To Join A Rec Team!
  151. teen vb players looking for team
  152. Looking for 13u Girls Volleyball Players in Toronto East!!!!
  153. Looking for 16U MIDDLE for OVA girls team
  154. 18U Female athletes still needed- Toronto Titans
  155. 16U Girls Rep Looking for Players
  156. Looking for competitive players/teams for mixed league
  157. Looking for Advanced Male indoor players
  158. Female looking for volleyball team close to downtown Toronto
  159. Female looking for team downtown Toronto
  160. female setter looking for competitive
  161. Looking to play.
  162. York Region Beginner Volleyball
  163. Looking For Scarborough Region Teams
  164. Looking for a team for indoor or beach volleyballl
  165. Looking for female power hitter
  166. Female player looking for team/partner volleyball/beachv. in scarborough or by Casa L
  167. Etobicoke 6's indoor court !! male player needed.
  168. Looking for Competitive play in scarborough/north york area
  169. Female Middle looking for a semi competitive team downtown TO
  170. Any Leagues!!???
  171. Looking for Advanced/Competitive Players for Year Round Beach Volleyball
  172. Co-ed Pickup Volleyball in Richmond Hill - Experienced Players Wanted
  173. Toronto Volley Ball Gyms
  174. 2 Male Competitive Players Wanted
  175. Seeking Men's 2s partner
  176. Female Setter Needed for Competitive Tourney in Tottenham
  177. Anything for me???
  178. Male, 24, looking for a club....
  179. Need 1 competitive male for annual Kitchener Classic Tourney (April 10-11th)
  180. Need 2 Competitive-level females (indoor)
  181. Female Player
  182. Look for comp/adv male setter for tuesday nights
  183. Competitive Female Volleyball Player Needed (Oakville, ON)
  184. Competitive Female looking for a team
  185. Looking to play
  186. Competitive Female Looking to play Vball (Toronto Downtown)
  187. Female Needed for co-ed Tourney
  188. Saturday, June 12, 2010 Need 2 for Hope Volleyball Tournament
  189. 2 players wanted (Woodbine/16th Area)
  190. Sat. June 12, Hope Volleyball Tournament
  191. Intermediate Beach CO-ED 1 Male and 2 Females
  192. Looking for a Team
  193. Head Coach & Assitant Coach U18 Girls Midtown Toronto
  194. Female 6's
  195. Ex-Varsity Male looking to join a team. (Men's or Co-ed)
  196. looking for players
  197. Toronto Element U18 Girls Trillium Division-Looking for Players-Register for try-outs
  198. Milton League
  199. Looking for setter women's team
  200. Rep Team looking for Females born 1993 - 1995
  201. Volleyball - Ladies Needed
  202. Two players searching for a team
  203. Looking for a player for Beach Volleyball - Thursdays at 7PM
  204. Burlington Indoor beach.
  205. co-ed indoor beach volleyball on Thursday nights at the Hangar
  206. Looking for player to take my spot in Brampton league
  207. Looking For Advanced/Competitive Female To Set For A Co-Ed Tournament
  208. Female Player for Int. Co-Ed
  209. looking for varsity or ex varsity girl for tournament.
  210. Kitchener Court tourny Apr 9-10
  211. Looking for PLAYERS Aimee's tourney
  212. 1 Female needed for DPPCA Tournament (Kitchener, April 9/10)
  213. looking for a team in North York or Toronto
  214. Female setter needed for competitive tourney April 30
  215. 13U Female Partner Needed
  216. Competitive mens indoor volleyball Durham
  217. Looking to play rec volleyball
  218. Warden and St. Clair, Players needed for Indoor Volleyball
  219. 2 beach players needed for int/comp league on Mondays
  220. Thursday night vball in Toronto
  221. Int + female player needed in Port Credit.
  222. 1 Female and 2 males needed for Eg/Yonge Vball.
  223. Advanced Attacker Needed for league play
  224. Week Nights
  225. Looking for a coach
  226. Teams; to play against.
  227. MIDDLE 18u
  228. U15 Middle looking for rep team
  229. Male Middle Needed
  230. Female player ASAP for Wednesday Night 4's Coed rec league
  231. Looking for a team/league/drop-in
  232. Middle and Power sub for Monday Scarborough Men's @ Wexford
  233. Setters Needed for Indoor League Tuesday Nights
  234. Referees needed for 1 Day Tournament
  235. Female player needed for Nov. 12 Kitchener tourney
  236. Female Required
  237. Looking to join a league - intermediate/advanced
  238. Co-ed Team looking for players 1 middle guy and 1 girl
  239. Female player looking for a team to join
  240. Female player needed - tournament this Saturday (Feb 11th)
  241. Looking for a girl and guy to join your team?
  242. Advanced / Competitive level player looking for a team
  243. Three mixed Beachers need a fourth!!
  244. Looking for a skilled setter.
  245. Female played needed - tournament this Sat 31st March
  246. Need a few players or spares
  247. Competitive Male Looking 4 Summer League - Eastern GTA
  248. My daughter looking for G 16U Partner
  249. Female needed - Intermediate mixed 4's @ ashbridges
  250. Female player looking for a women's indoor team/league